My stories

About fifty of my stories have been published here and abroad in women’s magazines.

This is a quote from a website called womagwriter written in July 2007:

“ I was reading a couple of Woman's Weekly specials yesterday - a Fiction Special from earlier in the summer, and the Summer Special. I noticed there are quite a few stories using unusual structures - enough to make me think WW is particularly receptive to something out of the ordinary.

Here are some I noted:

A story by Alison Clink entitled ChapterThirteen.

This one's wacky! The main character is aware that she's a character in a novel. She'd split up with her hubby in an earlier chapter and knew a steamy affair was on the cards for her before the end of the book. She meets a James Bond look-a-like who tells her there's no need to spend her whole life being the wrong character, he'll introduce her to his cousin who's a writer and will put her in a much better novel... You get the gist. It's laugh out loud funny, and certainly very original.

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Another story by Alison Clink entitled Things that make me cry.

This one starts off as a list, of, you guessed it, things that make the MC cry. And then there are things that make her laugh, too. There's not much of a plot - it's a mother and her young daughter and a happy day spent out together. But the structure makes it unusual and very readable.

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